Corporate social responsibility has become a major factor in how our clients, partners and prospective employees perceive us as a business.

For job seekers, it’s certainly become a big consideration when they’re deciding who they’d like to work for, especially for younger people. In fact, 64% of millennials recently said that they’d take a lower paying job if it was fulfilling over a higher paid one that wasn’t.  You can understand it too, we spend a lot of time working, we should be proud to be there.

From a corporate perspective too, when it comes to tendering for new business or being considered for corporate recognition awards such as the Times Top 100, a well-balanced corporate social responsibility policy could be the difference between being shortlisted and losing out.

At Lighthouse Futures Trust, we can help you make a significant move in the right direction via our fully managed, fully supported internship programme: Talent City. We work alongside you to place students with an autistic spectrum condition or learning disability into roles which we identify within your organisation.

These are just 6 key ways in which we can benefit your business:

1)     Build the business case

Firstly, our programme is FREE to your business. That’s right, you don’t pay the interns and you don’t pay us. We only ask that you can provide a couple of environmental requirements to help the interns settle into their work.

Secondly, our internship programme already has a proven track record that has delivered results for blue chip companies including Yorkshire Water and Carillion Plc and we’re currently getting underway with KPMG.

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Our managers can work with you to identify roles which would best suit our candidates. We can show you examples of the fantastic results our candidates have had so you can prove the value of what we do.

2)     Supply talent

Our candidates have been educated through either our sister charity The Lighthouse School or have come to us through partner educational establishments, so we know them better than anyone and we understand how best to unlock their talents.

We use that insight to place them in positions which suit them best in your organisation to maximise results and ensure employer and employee satisfaction along the way.

3)     Significantly boost staff morale

There are many benefits to be had when you offer an opportunity to one of our candidates and our existing internships have already proved they can change your workplace for the better. Our partners tell us that their existing employees are motivated by helping our candidates learn and develop as valuable members of their team. More than that, whole organisations are galvanised in support of the initiative because it promotes a sense of social consideration.

4)     Train and support your staff

Our skilled job coaches support you through the internship programme and provide training so you can prepare your environment and approach for your interns.

Our programme is designed as low Input – high gain so we do most of the work in both set-up and go-live phase. There will be some time required on a daily basis from your employees to ensure the smooth running of the scheme, but it should not interrupt employees’ work patterns or affect their productivity adversely.

5)     Improve your CSR and bottom line

At the Lighthouse Futures Trust we believe our interns truly have talents that can help your business. In placing them into the correct roles that make the most of their abilities, they can shine and deliver great results. Whilst you are offering an opportunity to someone who might not be seen through the normal interview route, this is not a charitable arrangement and we fully expect our interns to deliver good results for your business.

6)     Connect you with people who REALLY want to work

We work with students with an autistic spectrum condition or learning disability.  Within Leeds, these groups of young adults have a 5.8% chance of employment across a lifetime, however 93% have the desire to work and, with our support, the skills needed to do a great job.

So, you’ve seen just some of the ways in which we can make a very positive difference to your business. If you’d like to hear more please send us a message via our Contact form.