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Published: February 27, 2019

Case Study | Hugo at John Lewis

Hugo's Journey (In His Own Words)...

In 2017, I left school not knowing where I wanted to go. Then I heard about the internship program at Lighthouse. I started working in the human resources department at Yorkshire Water in September 2017. As I live in Harrogate and Yorkshire Water is based in Bradford, I found the travelling not as enjoyable as the job. I spent 6 months at Yorkshire water learning important skills like communication and managing my time.

In February 2018, the people who run the internship program told me that John Lewis in Leeds were offering Internship placements so I made the switch from Yorkshire Water to John Lewis in March.

This was a huge benefit for me for a number of reasons - it’s quicker to get to work from home and. At John Lewis, I worked in the customer service where I learnt a variety of skills like solving problems on the computer and helping customers out.

I developed a strong relationship with my work colleagues and have recently been given a full-time role in the Customer Support department I’m very grateful of. I’ve been in a full-time role since early January and I’ve been developing as a person and improving my skills as well.

We asked Hugo's employer to complete a questionnaire about Hugo's skills and our programme. Here's what they had to say:

What are Hugo’s main skills & strengths?
Hugo works very well on his own using methodical and structured techniques, which he applies to completing his daily tasks and responsibilities with a particular attention to details. He always completes his designated jobs with high efficiency and has proved that he adapts well to change and new ways of working when required.

What roles would Hugo be best suited to?
I think that the best suited roles for Hugo would be roles involving collecting, processing and recording data. Hugo demonstrates strong skills on using Excel documents and working on a computer, but also he is not afraid of stepping out of his comfort zone to try new things.
He has been helping other Partners with providing an excellent customer service and then applying his expertise while interacting with Customers on his own.

How have John Lewis benefited from the Talent City Programme?
The Branch have benefited from supporting the Talent City Programme with Partners seeing tangible benefits to the young people taking part in the scheme. Overcoming some initial hesitations, Branch Partners have fully embraced the programme and have grown in their own self confidence, providing feedback and exploring alternative communication styles, encouraging Partners to continue to look for new ways of working.

Of these, what was the most unexpected benefit?
Seeing Hugo’s personality and confidence grow and shine and seeing him establish his place within a team. (And the increase in Partner confidence!)

What advice would you give to an employer considering the programme?
The benefits to the workplace, not just the young person taking part in scheme.

If you are considering taking part in this programme you will get effective and highly valued employees, very focused with considerable skills in specific areas and some transferable skills including:
- Attention to detail
- Methodical
- Conscientious
- Strong research skills
- Good long-term memory
- Follows instruction well

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