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Published: February 28, 2019

Case Study | Macauley at John Lewis

Macauley came to John Lewis in March 2018. He has a real interest in maintenance and DIY and wanted to be placed within the maintenance team at John Lewis. Unfortunately, there was not a position available within this department so he started a placement in the DOC (warehouse). Macauley embraced this placement despite not wanting to be in this department. Macauley came in with a smile on his face and a positive attitude every day. He adapted to the role and followed instructions from his work buddy (an employee mentoring him). Macauley never complained about being somewhere he did not initially want to be. On discussion with Macauley he stated that he was happy doing a role as he enjoyed working and being with people.

What does Macauley enjoy about working at John Lewis?

  • I am an active person, I like to be busy. There is always something to do here.
  • I like to socialise with people, I have made new friends at John Lewis.

What are Macauley's favourite tasks in the DOC?

  • Taking responsibility for the stationary orders and placing the items in the correct boxes ready to go onto the shop floor.
  • Driving the pallet truck.
  • Sorting the clothes from the deliveries into the right categories and putting the correct hangers on them.

Macauley was placed with two other interns in the Doc. Within this role, Macauley was responsible for taking deliveries from suppliers and unpacking them onto the correct hangers and rails. He had to check deliveries against invoices and place security tags on clothes. Macauley’s work was varied and when he worked with extra efficiency, he supported the other interns in their tasks if they were needing help. Macauley will always seek out ways to be busy and to support others. His confidence in his ability and his social skills have increased rapidly. He received lots of positive feedback from his team for his commitment to the role and for his ability to get on with whatever is asked of him.

Team Feedback

Macauley thrived in a busy working environment. He followed instructions with accuracy and was quickly given more challenging tasks to do. The team were surprised with his work ethic and skill. Assigning responsibility for stationary orders to an intern showed how competent and reliable Macauley was. His buddy commented that he is an asset to the team. Macauley has successfully gone on to apply, interview and be successful in gaining employment in site maintenance at a school. He will start his 35 hour a week contract from September 2018. The experience, skills and resilience he has gained at John Lewis has contributed to this offer of employment. Macauley is very much looking forward to starting the next stage of his life.

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