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Published: November 7, 2018

Case Study | Patrick at Yorkshire Water

Patrick attended mainstream school, where he received a diagnosis of an autistic spectrum condition. During later studies at College, Patrick joined Talent City 1 and worked at Keepers Coffee and Kitchen one day per week, where his concentration and his confidence began to improve.

As our Job Coaches worked closely with Patrick, it became clear that he had a flair for maths, with an ability to easily recognise patterns and errors within. He progressed to Talent City 2 and, after completing a job carving process with Yorkshire Water, was offered a supported internship as an account manager.

Managing multiple customer accounts, Patrick was responsible for finding errors in transactions and moving this data to a spreadsheet, which required his total concentration and attention to detail. He performed this task easily, completing his work in half the time of his peers and with a higher level of accuracy.

As a business, we wanted to get more great people in and, through this partnership, we have been able to get people who we might otherwise have been unable to attract or  who might not have made it through our application process. What we hadn’t anticipated was how much it would do for our colleague engagement throughout the business. When asked what they think of the programme, hundreds of employees have responded to say how proud they feel to work for a company which supports Talent City. - Head of Talent, Yorkshire Water


Patrick has since completed his Internship and now works full-time at Yorkshire Water in a paid role. He has self-belief, is motivated to work, and is full of confidence – all thanks to Talent City!


The Internship with Yorkshire Water and Lighthouse Futures Trust was hugely beneficial to Patrick, giving him the experience of a real workplace environment without having to pass a formal interview – which he would have found difficult. His self confidence has increased so much that he can now make his way to the other side of Bradford on his own. He has proven to be  capable of undertaking complex tasks and sees now that he can find employment, which once-over, he would have thought impossible. He is happier now than he has ever been and he looks forward to going to work each day. - Patrick's Mother

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