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Published: March 28, 2019

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On February 26th, Connections was established and the very first event for young people with Autism and ASC across the county, went ahead.
I was among one of the very first to experience this new social outing - and whilst it was only a small amount of people that came, I felt at home amongst my peers.

I was the very first person to arrive at Banyan, the venue chosen for the first night and even though this was my first time at the venue, the staff went out of their way to make sure everything was smooth sailing.
From here on, it was pretty good! I met new faces, old faces, and some very helpful and kind volunteers. I was not expecting the night at Banyan to go as well as it did, but it did! And it was truly amazing.

The volunteers were all very different individuals all whom were creative and talkative in their own way. I had no issue opening up to them at all, and sometimes I even preferred to talk to them rather than everyone else!

But that is not to say the guys themselves were not bad. I made some friends that night, and hopefully will continue to develop that foothold of friendship and just have some really good times.
I want to thank Caron and the team responsible for setting up this amazing scheme that has helped me become more vocal and confident in the fact their is indeed, peers and others like me.

Here is to a great social group, and here is to another great day out!

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